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How to Get the Best Personalised Gifts for Friends (25 Gift Ideas)

If you are looking for personalised gifts for friends, but are having trouble finding the perfect gift, then look no further than our collection of 25 unique and creative ideas.

From custom mugs to photo frames, you will here find a wide range of friend gift options that will suit any occasion.

Whether you are looking for friend birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or just a special gift to celebrate the ones that have always been there for you, we have something in our collection to help you out!

Keep reading the entire article to learn more about these great gifts.


Ultimate Guide to Personalised Gifts for Friends

The best way to show your appreciation to your friends is by giving them amazing gifts.

If you're looking for some inspiration, check out this list of 25 unique gift ideas, and don't miss out on the chance to give them something truly memorable.

It can be hard to know where to begin when choosing a meaningful gift for someone you care about. This guide should help you narrow down your choices and make sure you pick out an awesome present for your friends.

Before you start thinking of personalised gifts for friends, it's important to think about who they are and why you want to get them a gift.

Consider their personality

You may not know exactly how to approach friends' gifts, so take a moment to think about their personalities and interests beforehand.

Ask yourself questions like: What do I know about my friends? Do they like sports, music, art, technology, food, travel, fashion, etc.?

Think about what they enjoy doing and what makes them happy as well, this will tell you a lot about their personality. Plus, you can use this information to create a thoughtful gift idea that they'll love.

Another thing to consider before picking out a gift for friends is what they do for fun. Do they spend time with family and friends? Are they into sports? What kind of hobbies do they have?

Think about what they enjoy doing

Once you've thought about their personality, you need to think about what they like.

Do they prefer practical items, such as books, gadgets, clothing, jewellery, ornaments, kitchenware, etc.? Or would they rather receive something with a bit more meaning, such as a framed photograph, artwork, or even a piece of furniture?

For example, if you know your friend loves cooking, consider getting them a cookbook as a gift, or if you already know they love traveling, choose a travel journal or map.

Are they the type of person that would love a sentimental gift? Maybe they like to decorate their home, so you could get them a beautiful set of candles or a decorative vase. Or maybe they'd appreciate a gadget, so you could buy them a new smartphone or tablet.

Once you've got a better idea of what type of person they are, you'll be able to choose from a wider selection of gifts.

Whatever you decide, remember to keep things simple and always keep in mind what they enjoy doing as well as their personality, after all, this is going to be one of the most meaningful gifts they receive.

Now that you have that in mind, don't forget to think about the occasion!

Think about the occasion

When getting personalised gifts for friends, one of the most important things you will need to consider is the occasion.

The occasion will determine the best way to go about giving a gift. For example, if you're buying birthday presents for a loved one, you might want to stick to traditional gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, cards, or other typical gifts.

However, if you're purchasing Christmas presents for a friend, you might want to try something different. All you need to do is consider the occasion.

Are you looking for gifts for friends moving? Is it a bestie gift? Maybe you are looking for a friend's birthday gift. Whatever the case may be, think about the occasion first.

This will help you decide which types of gifts might work well for each situation.

For example, if you are buying a birthday gift for a friend, you probably won't want to go all-out and buy them a hugely expensive gift. Instead, you could opt for a small token of your thoughtfulness, such as a thoughtful card or a cute mug.

Don’t forget to include a handwritten note

Last but not least! Don't forget to include a handwritten note when sending personalised gifts to friends. This can make all the difference between receiving a gift and receiving nothing at all.

A handwritten note shows that you took the time to put some thought into choosing a present for someone special. It also lets them know how much you care about them.

If you're unsure whether to write a personal message, here are some tips:

If you're writing a thank you note, start by thanking them for being there for you during an especially difficult time. Then, tell them how much you enjoyed spending time together. You can end the letter by telling them how much you appreciate and care for them.

If you're writing to say sorry, then apologise for any mistake you made. Tell them how much you regret offending them and ask them to forgive you. Finally, tell them how much they mean to you.

If you're writing an anniversary card, start with wishing them happy anniversaries. Then, explain why you chose the gift you did. If you're looking for ideas, you could mention a hobby or interest they share with you.

You could even use the opportunity to ask them about their plans for the future.

Remember, it doesn't matter if you're writing a thank-you note, a happy birthday note, or a sorry note –just make sure you include it in the present. Remember, though, that a handwritten note should never be too extensive. Just a few lines will suffice.

Now that we cover everything there is to consider before picking the right personalised gifts for friends, we can move on to our top 25 picks!

Just keep in mind that we have separated these top 25 pick into 5 categories, such as:

  1. Thoughtful gifts
  2. Sentimental gifts
  3. Art gifts
  4. Alcohol gifts
  5. Housewarming gifts

Now let's first talk about the most important category: Thoughtful gifts. These are perfect for people who love to receive gifts.


Thoughtful Gifts

Thoughtful gifts are those that show you cared enough to find out what kind of person they are.

They don't have to cost a lot of money and the point is to give them something that makes them feel appreciated.

If you know your friend is the type of person who would appreciate a thoughtful gift, then you should go with one of the picks below.

Whatever the occasion, these thoughtful gifts are sure to bring a smile to their face:

1. A dedicated book

Everyone loves reading books, so this is a great idea for anyone who enjoys reading. Books are timeless and versatile.

Think about which type of books your friend likes best and choose accordingly.

For example, if your friend is more of a fiction reader, then look for a collection of short stories or novels. If they prefer non-fiction, then pick up a biography or autobiography.

The most important thing here is to write a meaningful message on the inside cover. This way, they'll always remember where they got the book from.

2. Cooking a meal together

This is a great gift for those friends who enjoy a nice meal as well as a good conversation over dinner.

Cooking is a skill that everyone can learn and it's easy to cook a delicious meal together. Plus, cooking is fun and relaxing. So, if you want to surprise your friend with a memorable evening, then this is the way to go.

This is, in fact, one of the most personalised gifts you can give them since you are making the meal yourself.

So, if you're looking for a fun as well as a memorable gift idea, cooking dinner together is always a good choice.

3. Going on a trip together

Surprise your friend with plain tickets in an envelope and a map showing where you'll be going.

Think about places you would both like to visit and plan accordingly. You can even get tickets for a local attraction.

Your friend will be thrilled when they open the package and see the tickets. They'll also love knowing that you've planned a special day just for them.

Don't forget to personalise it even more by adding a handwritten note telling them why you chose that place and how much you appreciate them.

4. Personalised phone case

This is a very thoughtful gift, as well as practical.

Your friend can carry around their phone wherever they go without worrying about damage and will always think of you when they use it.

Phone cases are a great way to protect your friend's device without having to buy a whole new one. You can pick from a wide range of different themes, colours, and patterns.

Personalising the phone case gives it a unique touch and shows that you care. It's a great gift for any occasion!

5. Custom engraved pen

Engraved pens are classy and elegant. This is a perfect gift for people who love to write letters and notes.

There are many options to choose from, depending on what kind of engraving you'd like. For example, you could have a name engraved on the side or a quote written on the barrel.

You can even add a photo of your friend to make it extra special!

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental gifts are an amazing option when it comes to personalised gifts for friends!

They are ideal for expressing your feelings towards a special friend. They also make wonderful presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and other important occasions.

When it comes to picking the perfect sentimental gift, think of all the moments you and your friend shared. You might want to choose a gift that reminds you of a particular moment or event.

Your friend will surely appreciate a sentimental gift! Here are our top choices:

1. Personalised framed photo

Framed photos are classic and sentimental. They are also a great way to express your emotions towards someone.

They are also a great way to keep track of all the precious moments shared with your friends, as well as being a beautiful addition to any room. They are easy to frame and look great hanging up on the wall.

Choose a photo of you and your friend that you both love and represents a special time spent together, print it, and then frame it.

You can personalise the frame with names, dates, quotes, or anything else you'd like.

2. Custom photo album

Photo albums are a classic way of capturing memories. And, since they come in many different designs, they are a great way to express your creativity.

Choose a photo album that has space for photos from both of you and when you choose the photos, remember to include some of those special moments you share. Have them professionally printed and then put them into the album.

You can even write special notes behind the photos remembering the times you've had together.

3. Personalised keepsake box

A personalised keepsake box is a unique gift that will last forever.

It's a great way to store mementos such as coins, stamps, postcards, and more. The best thing about these boxes is that they are made from wood, so they're sturdy enough to hold everything your friend wants to save.

The wooden box itself is a timeless design that will never go out of style. Choose a theme based on your friend's interests and hobbies and then fill it with their favourite things.

Don't forget to add a note inside explaining why you chose each item. They'll love it!

4. A memory board

Memory boards are a great way to capture memorable events. They are also a fantastic way to remember special times spent with friends and family.

Create a memory board with pictures, cards, tickets, and more. It's a fun way to show off all the good times you've had together, and it makes a thoughtful present for anyone who loves collecting memories.

You can wrap it up in a pretty ribbon and tie it with a bow if you'd like. Or you could leave it unadorned and let your friend decide how he/she would like to display it.

Whatever the case, this is sure to be one of his/her favourites!

5. Custom music box

Music boxes are a timeless gift that will never go out of style.

They are a great way to show how much you care about your friend and have that nostalgic feeling everyone loves.

Pick a song that means something special to you and your friend and then create a custom music box using that song.

Personalise the front cover with their name and the date you created the box. Then, use the lyrics of the song to explain what the two of you mean to each other.

This is one of the most sentimental personalised gifts you can get for a friend, and they will cherish it for years to come.


Art Gifts

If your friend is the artistic type, then art gifts are a great way to show how much you care.

Art gifts are a great way of expressing your appreciation for someone’s taste as well as letting them know how well you know them.

They'll love to know that you chose something that perfectly fits their style as well as their personality.

Here are some ideas for art gifts:

1. An original piece of art

An original piece of art is a special gift that will make an impression. Artists are often overlooked as a source of inspiration.

They create beautiful pieces of work that people love to hang on their walls. This means that they're perfect for giving as presents.

Choose a painting or drawing that captures the essence of your friendship from an artist you know your friend loves.

You might have to spend a little bit of time finding just the right piece but it's worth it as well as the money, but it'll be worth it as your friend will treasure it for years to come!

2. A painting, drawing, or sculpture

If you prefer a less expensive option, then one of these three options will fit the bill. A painting, drawing, or sculpture is a unique gift that will certainly impress your friend.

You can choose any medium you want –oil paint, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, charcoal, etc. And the best thing is that you can make it yourself!

It doesn't matter which one you pick because they're all equally impressive. Pick one that matches your friend's style and personality. A painting by you would brighten up your friend's day as well as make him/her feel appreciated!

3. Personalised collage canvas

Canvases are a wonderful way to express yourself through art.

You can create a personalised collage canvas for your friend with photos, quotes, drawings, paintings, etc. You can even add a message to the back, so your friend knows why you picked a particular photo or drawing.

Your friend will love this gift because it shows how much you appreciate them, and it also lets them know that you've been thinking about them while creating it.

4. Surprise them with a DIY project you can start together

If you are also the artistic type as well as your friend, then you should consider starting a DIY project together. It could be anything from building a birdhouse to decorating a room in their home.

This is a very special gift that your friend won't forget. They'll remember every detail of the project you started together.

You can send your friend a handwritten note in an envelope with an invitation to start a DIY project together, including a note that says why you chose that project and how much you appreciate their creativity as well.

They'll be thrilled and impressed with your creativity, and it will be a fun and engaging activity to do together.

5. Going to an art show together

Your friend might be the type that enjoys going to art galleries and exhibitions. If that's the case, then you should plan a trip to see some artwork together.

If you are planning to spend a bit more, there are many different types of art galleries around the world. Some focus more on modern art, others on old masters and still others on abstract art. On the other hand, if your budget is tight, then you can always visit a local museum instead.

Either way, visiting an art gallery is a great way to get inspired and learn something new. Your friend will enjoy seeing what you like most and learning about your interests.

The point is that there are plenty of places where you can go to enjoy art together and both you and your friend will have an amazing time!

Alcohol Gifts

Everyone has that friend who enjoys having a drink from time to time or even preparing drinks for others. Whether they're into wine, beer, cocktails, or spirits, we know there's always going to be at least one friend in your life who likes to have a drink.

So why not surprise them with a gift they'll love? This type of present shows you've thought about what they like and what they enjoy doing.

Plus, it makes a great gift for those who love inviting people over for a party! Here are our top picks for alcohol gifts:

1. Personalised wine glasses

If your friend loves wine, then this is perfect for him or her. Personalised wineglasses make a thoughtful gift for anyone who appreciates a fine beverage.

You can personalise these glasses by adding a name or saying, a quote, a nice message, or even the year you met, and your friendship began.

This is a nice gift that your friend will use all the time. They will look forward to drinking out of them often!

2 Custom whiskey glasses

This gift is for that friend who loves drinking whiskey. They will love having custom whiskey glasses on display.

Another option for whiskey lovers is a personalised whiskey decanter or a custom whisky bottle opener.

Whiskey is a spirit made from fermented grain mash. The best whiskeys are aged in oak barrels for years before being bottled. This gift is for that friend whose collection includes only the finest whiskies.

3 Custom champagne bottles

Personalised bottles of champagne or any other type of personalised bottles such as red wine, whiskey, or even beer is something that your friend who loves booze will go mad about.

The best thing about these types of presents is that they don't need to be expensive. You can find cheap bottles online or even buy a few different sizes and get them engraved.

But, if you decide to spend a little more money, you can choose between engraving the bottle itself or choosing a crystal design.

4. Booze collection

This is an excellent option for that friend who has a bar at their house.

Make a selection of different bottles you know they like and put them all in a box. Then wrap it up and give it to them as a gift, don't forget to include a nice note telling them how much you appreciate them.

You can even include a set of different tools so he or she can prepare delicious cocktails for guests.

They'll also appreciate a selection of different types of glassware. These include martini glasses, shot glasses, tumblers, and stemless wine glasses.

If you want to go all in, you could even consider buying a full-sized bar cart.

It's a great addition to any home. You can choose between different types of bars, including a standard bar set-up, a mini bar, a liquor cabinet, or even a full-sized bar.

These options will allow you to create a unique gift that reflects your friend’s personality.

5. Personalised cocktail shaker

Cocktails are a great way to celebrate but preparing them can be tricky. That's where a personalised cocktail shaker comes in.

This present makes a thoughtful gift for anyone that enjoys mixing drinks.

You can have a cocktail shaker personalised by adding their name, date, or a saying. It's also a good idea to add their favourite cocktail recipe inside so they can follow along as they make their special drink.

You could even include some mixers too so they can create their signature cocktails.

They'll love the personal touch as well as the fact that they can use it every time they want to mix a drink whenever they invite someone over.

It's a fun gift that not only they will love but also use regularly!


Housewarming Gifts

One of the most common options among personalised gifts for friends is housewarming gifts.

Housewarming gifts are perfect for those who are getting married, starting a new home together, or even if they are just moving into a new apartment.

If you are looking for a housewarming gift for a friend, then look no further than our selection below.

1. Personalised photo frames

Photo frames are wonderful gifts that will always remind them of special moments in life.

Choose from different styles and sizes to create a frame that suits the recipient perfectly and includes a picture of them with their loved ones. When choosing the material, think of something that will last longer and won't fade away.

This is a lovely gift for someone who has just moved into a new place. They can hang this on the wall and enjoy seeing photos of themselves and their family.

2. Personalised picture books

Picture books are a fantastic choice for friends because they are both entertaining and educational at the same time.

There are plenty of different themes available, including animals, holidays, and much more. When choosing which book to buy, think about what the person likes and what they would find interesting.

You can then personalise it by adding your favourite photos of both of you as well as a message to let them know how much you care.

3. Personalised mugs

Personalised mugs are an excellent choice for those who drink tea or coffee daily and have just moved into their new home.

These mugs come in various shapes and designs, making them ideal for anyone and they will always remember you when they use them.

When personalising a mug, think about the message you want to convey. For example, if you know someone who loves cats, then why not get them a cat-themed mug? If you know they are a fan of football, then why not get a football-themed mug?

Your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness of these gifts and they will use their new personalised mug often!

4. Personalised candles

Candles are an excellent option when thinking about giving a housewarming personalised gift to a friend. They are also a great option for friends who love to entertain. They are easy to light up and give off a warm glow and are very affordable, so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

Not only do they provide light, but they also help people relax and unwind after a hard day. You can choose from scented candles, soy wax candles, pillar candles, and many others.

Personalising candles allows you to express yourself and show your friendship.

Choose from different colours, patterns, and messages to make sure your friend gets exactly what they want. You can also personalise the candle holder with a nice message.

Your friend will be able to keep using it repeatedly and they will always remember your kindness!

5. Personalised stationery

Stationery is one of the most popular items to choose from when buying a housewarming gift for a friend. It's practical and useful and will be used every single day.

It's a thoughtful way to say thank you for always being there for you and showing interest in their new life. Stationery is also a great gift idea for friends who like to keep things organised. From pens and pencils to notebooks and planners, there are lots of options out there.

Think about what your friend enjoys doing most and choose items that match their interests.

For example, if they like reading, then why not get some personalized notebooks? Or if they like cooking, then why not get cookbooks?

Personalising stationery will allow you to express yourself and show your friend that you care about them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get regarding personalised gifts for friends:

How do I choose the right gift for my friend?

It's important to think about who your friend is before choosing a gift. Is he/she a man or a woman? What does he/she enjoy doing? Do they have kids?

If you know your friend better than anyone else, then you should be able to figure this out easily. If you're unsure, ask around and see what other people think.

You can also read this article again to find more ideas.

Are there any special occasions where I should buy a personalised gift?

Yes, there are several occasions where you should consider getting a personalised gift. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

Gifts are a nice way of saying 'thank you and showing appreciation for your friend, so we suggest you consider these special occasions and plan your gifts.

They will be impressed by your thoughtfulness!

What happens if my friend doesn't like the gift?

It's normal for people not to love everything they receive.

However, after reading this article you have all the information you need so you shouldn't worry about it. Just remember to be creative and find something that matches your friend's personality.

They will most definitely love it!


We hope that our complete guide on how to get the best personalised gifts for friends has helped you in making this decision!

We know that getting the best personalised gift is always a tough choice, so now you have all the information you need to make the perfect gift as well as all the amazing gift choices to choose from that we have selected especially for you.

Your friends will love that you took the time to find something unique and special for them.

Thanks for reading our article and we wish you happy gifting!

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