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How to Surprise a Boyfriend (Ultimate Guide)

Maybe you have been thinking how to surprise a boyfriend and what kind of gift to give him.

Well, we are here to tell you that there is no need to worry about it because this article will help you out with the best ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend.

We know how important it is for you to surprise your boyfriend and spend some quality time together, but sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to plan something special for him.

If this is the case, then we have some great ideas that will help you give your boyfriend a nice surprise in an easy and fun way!

Read this entire article to have the most complete guide with lots of surprise ideas on how to surprise a boyfriend.

Step 0: Planning is Already Half Job Done

Before thinking about how to surprise a boyfriend, remember that relationships are not built on material goods alone but on deeper aspects such as trust, respect, and communication.

In that sense, if you want to surprise your boyfriend, make sure that you surprise him with something that he will like and also isn't expecting. You can also ask him what kind of surprises he likes before deciding on which one to choose. If he has any preferences, make sure they are included in your plans.

This means that before planning any surprise, you should first talk to him and tell him what you're going to do. Consider asking yourself a few questions such as the following:

Are you connecting with him enough?

Quality time with your boyfriend can be very rewarding, but if you want to make sure he knows how much you appreciate him, there are many ways to do so.

You could always go out of town for a weekend getaway, take him out for dinner, or even buy him a gift. But what about those times when you just don’t feel like doing anything? Or maybe you just want to stay at home and cuddle up with him instead.

It really doesn't matter whether you take him out or stay in, as long as you spend some special time together. Here are some cute ideas that will help you connect with your boyfriend:

  1. Take a walk in nature
  2. Go for a bike ride
  3. Have a board game night
  4. Plan a movie night together
  5. Cook a meal together
  6. Make love
  7. Cook his favorite food
  8. Play his favorite song
  9. Read a book
  10. Have brunch in bed

Do you communicate well?

Communication is key to every relationship. It helps us understand each other better, share thoughts, feelings, and opinions, and ultimately build stronger bonds.

But what happens when you don’t talk to your boyfriend often? You might find that you are having trouble understanding him, or that he seems distant from you.

This is why it's important to keep talking to him. Before you plan your sweet surprise, try to initiate conversations by asking him about his favorite music, favorite movie, or activities he enjoy from time to time.

This will allow you to bond more deeply with him and learn more about him. And once you start communicating more regularly, you'll notice that he becomes easier to read.

So, next time you see him, try to ask him about his day, and listen carefully to his answers. Then, use these insights to plan a fun surprise for him.

Do you trust each other?

You want to give your boyfriend a nice surprise, right? So, before you decide on which one to choose, think about whether or not you trust each other enough. It can make a big difference.

If you don’t trust him, then you should probably avoid giving him a big surprise because you won’t know what he’s going to say. On the other hand, if you do trust him, then you can safely plan a romantic surprise without worrying about what he’ll say.

If you're unsure about whether or not you can trust him, here are a 5 tips that will help you figure out if you should proceed with your plans:

  1. Ask him directly about his intentions
  2. Be honest with him
  3. Don’t let him know ahead of time
  4. Give him plenty of warning
  5. Keep your expectations low

What kind of relationship do you have?

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes. Some people prefer casual dating while others prefer serious relationships.

Whether you are in a long-term relationship, you've been seeing each other casually for months now, or if you are in a distance relationship, there are many things you need to consider before planning a romantic surprise.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding on how to surprise your boyfriend:

  1. How committed am I to this person?
  2. Do we have any major issues?
  3. What does my partner expect from me?
  4. Is our relationship exclusive or open?
  5. If you are already in a long-term relationship, do you celebrate relationship anniversaries?

This means that no two couples are alike but, whatever type of relationship you have, your partner still deserves a nice surprise from you.

So, before you plan your romantic surprise, take some time to reflect on your relationship and determine what makes it special.

Then, create a unique experience just for the both of you.

Step 1: How Do You Want To Surprise Him?

Now that you have a clear idea on the kind of relationship you have with your boyfriend, you can move forward with planning your surprise.

The first thing you need to do is to determine how you want to surprise him. Do you want to surprise him with something small or large? Is he someone who likes surprises? If so, then you should pick something small.

Something small

If you want to go for something small, there are many simple but thoughtful options you can go for. Here are some of our top choices that are low-budget friendly and easy to pull off:

  • Buy him a gift card to a local restaurant or coffee shop
  • Get him tickets to an event at a nearby theater or museum
  • Surprise him with a romantic night out
  • Staying in and cooking dinner together
  • A bottle of wine with a love note
  • Take him out for a couple of drinks

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can send him a gift card, a video card or send him his favorite song dedicated.

A larger surprise

On the other hand, if you are planning to surprise your boyfriend with a big gesture, there are several ways you can go about doing it:

  • Take him to a 5-star hotel
  • Plan a surprise vacation to a new destination
  • Plan a weekend away from home
  • Plan a romantic getaway
  • Plan a day trip to a nearby city
  • Plan a surprise party

If you are in a long-distance relationship, here are some romantic ideas for distance couples if you are planing a cute surprise with a bit of extra spend:

  • Give him a surprise visit
  • Send him a care package filled with gifts
  • Send him a pair of his favorite designer sunglasses, a watch, a necklace, etc.
  • Book a spa treatment for him
  • Send him plane tickets to see you

Step 2: What Does He Like?

We already gave you some thoughtful surprise ideas but, before you decide on a specific activity, you need to think about what he enjoys most.

For example, if he loves watching movies, then you can plan a date night where you watch a new release. However, if he prefers spending time outdoors, then you could plan a picnic or a hike.

Whatever you choose, make sure that you include activities that will be fun for the both of you as well as memorable.

If you are not sure what he likes, ask him! He might even suggest things that you never thought of.

Step 3: Think of the Occasion

You want to give your boyfriend a pleasant surprise, right? Well, this means that you need to consider the occasion. It's definitely not the same whether it's Valentine's Day, his birthday, your anniversary or Christmas.

Think about the season and the occasion. For instance, if you are planning a birthday surprise, then you can plan something special for him on his birthday.

However, if you are planning something for Valentine's Day, then you can plan to take him out for breakfast or lunch or maybe an intimate night together.

Step 4: Make It Happen

Once you have planned your surprise, you need to make it happen. This step involves making sure everything goes according to plan

Now that you've determined what you want to surprise him with, it's time to come up with some gift ideas. When we say this is the most complete guide on how to surprise a boyfriend, we mean it!

We've included everything you need to know in order to create an unforgettable experience for him. Here are 100 gift ideas on how to surprise a boyfriend:

1. Gift cards

Gift cards are always a great way to show someone you care. You can buy them at any store, online or even at a local restaurant.

2. Fresh flowers

Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give because they last longer than any other type of gift. They also add color to any room.

3. A box of chocolates

If your man loves chocolate, then this is the perfect gift for him. You can find boxes of chocolates at almost any grocery store.

4. A bottle of wine

A bottle of wine is a great gift for any occasion. It shows that you're thinking about him and that you care.

5. Spa treatments

Wether you book a spa treatment for two or just for him, it's a great idea. Not only will it relax him, but it will also help him feel pampered.

6. A romantic dinner at home

Nothing beats staying at home. This is the perfect surprise if you don't have much money, you can still cook a delicious meal for him.

7. Tickets to a concert

Tickets to a concert are a great gift for anyone. Whether he likes music or not, he'll love getting these tickets.

8. A candlelit dinner

This will make him feel like he's being treated like royalty. Plus, candles look beautiful in any room.

9. A couple's massage

Massages are relaxing and stress relieving and a couple's massage is especially nice. It will allow you to spend quality time with each other while giving him a treat.

10. A movie night together

Going to the movies is a classic date activity. If you live near a theater, then you should go there. Otherwise, you can watch a movie at home.

11. Tickets to a sporting event

Sporting events are fun and exciting. He'll enjoy going to see his favorite team play, so don't hesitate to get him tickets if he is a fan of any sport.

12. A flower bouquet

Men love flowers too! So when you're looking for a unique gift, consider buying him a bouquet of fresh flowers.

13. A surprise party with all your friends

If he's an extrovert, he'll love this one. You can invite all his friends over for a surprise party where you'll serve food and drinks and play music and games.

14. An outdoor adventure

Either you go hiking, for a walk to a park or beach, an outdoor adventure is something everyone needs. It will be a great memory for both of you.

15. A charcuterie board

If your man loves cheese, then this is the ultimate gift for him. You'll find charcuterie boards everywhere from restaurants to supermarkets.

16. Tickets to a play

Theater is another form of entertainment that men love. So if he enjoys watching plays, then you should definitely get him some tickets.

17. Take him on a shopping spree

Shopping is another hobby that most men enjoy. So why not take him along? Get him a gift card for a department store and let him do as he pleases.

18. Get him a portable speaker

Who doesn't enjoy music? If he already has a good pair of headphones, then you can buy him a portable speaker instead. These speakers are small and easy to carry around.

19. A trip to a museum

Museums are full of interesting exhibits. If you think he'd enjoy going there, then go ahead and treat him to a day at the museum.

20. A game night together

Playing video games is another thing that men love doing. So what better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than by playing video games together?

21. A bubble bath

Bath time is always relaxing and enjoyable. Treat him to a relaxing bubble bath and enjoy spending time together.

22. Tickets to a comedy show

Comedy shows are hilarious. So if you know he enjoys them, then you should definitely give him some tickets.

23. A framed photo

Choose a picture of you two together and have it professionally printed onto canvas. Then frame it and hang it somewhere special.

24. A simple piece of jewelry

Either it's a ring, necklace or bracelet, a simple piece of jewelry is sure to make him happy. You can personalize it further by adding a sentimental message inside.

25. Tickets to a music festival

Music festivals are awesome. They bring people together in a joyful atmosphere. So if he likes listening to music, then you should definitely take him to one.

26. Tickets to a Broadway show

Broadway shows are amazing. They feature talented actors and actresses who perform incredible songs. So if he loves theater, then you should definitely treat him to some tickets.

27. Leave him a note in the bathroom mirror

This one is for the romantic guys out there. Write a little note about how much you care for him and leave it in the bathroom mirror. He'll surely appreciate it.

28. A cooking class

If your boyfriend loves to cook, then you should definitely enroll him into a cooking class. Not only will he learn new recipes, but also practice what he's learned every meal with you.

29. Tickets to a lecture

If your boyfriend is the intellectual type, then he'll appreciate being invited to a lecture and will not only have a great time but also learn something new.

30. Give him a foot rub

A foot rub is a wonderful way to relax after a long day. And who wouldn't want one?

31. A personalized mug

Personalized mugs are an excellent way to express your feelings towards someone. Choose a cute design and write a sweet message on it.

32. A customized keychain

Keychains are fun and they're always handy. So if he carries his keys everywhere, then get him a custom-made keychain.

33. Take him to lunch

Lunch dates are always fun. So if you both enjoy each other's company, then this would be a perfect date idea.

34. A pair of slippers with his name on

Slippers are comfortable and warm. So why don't you get him a set with his name embroidered on it? It'll mean a lot to him.

35. A bookshelf filled with his favorite books

Books are great companions. So if he has any favorites, then buy him a bookshelf where he can keep all of them as well as some editions of his favorite ones.

36. A bottle of perfume

Perfume is a beautiful scent that women love. So if he has a favorite, then go ahead and get him a bottle of it.

37. Go camping

Camping is another activity that most couples enjoy. So if you've been wanting to do something different, then why not invite him along?

38. A luxury pen

Luxury pens are classy and elegant. So if he's got a taste for fancy pens, then make sure to get him one. It'll look good on his desk at work and he'll use it often.

39. A custom-made ring

Rings are timeless and classic. So if you are looking for something unique for him, then go ahead and customize a ring just for him.

40. A set of cufflinks

Cufflinks are a manly accessory. So if he's into dressing up, then you should definitely give him a set of cufflinks.

41. A personalised phone case

Phone cases are practical and stylish. So if he's always carrying around his cell phone, then why not get him a case that says "I Love You" or something similar?

42. Tickets to a wine tasting

Wine tastings are a fantastic way to spend quality time together. So if he likes drinking wine, then take him to a local winery and let him sample some delicious wines.

43. Couple of drinks at a rooftop

Drinks at rooftops are always fun. So why don't we treat our special guy to a couple of drinks at a rooftop bar?

44. A coat pocket handkerchief

Hankies are soft and delicate. So if he's ever in need of a little comfort, then go ahead and buy him a hanky.

45. A credit card wallet

Credit card wallets are functional and convenient. So if he's never had one before, then go ahead and purchase him one. It'll help him carry his cards more easily.

46. A subscription to a fitness magazine

Fitness magazines are full of helpful tips and tricks. So if he enjoys working out, then you should definitely subscribe to one.

47. A night under the stars

Going on a picnic during sunset sounds like a lovely evening. So if you want to spend a memorable night with him, then plan a picnic and watch the sun go down.

48. A customized belt buckle

Belts are useful accessories. So if he's fond of wearing belts, then go ahead and have your tailor create a personalized belt buckle for him.

49. A notebook

A notebook is an excellent companion. So if he's a writer, then go ahead and order him a nice notebook from Amazon.

50. A gift basket

Gift baskets are thoughtful gifts as well as tasty treats. So if he loves eating snacks, then go ahead and pick up a gift basket.

51. An electric toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are efficient and effective. Maybe he's having trouble brushing his teeth properly, or maybe he wants to save some time on everyday tasks. Either way, it is a good idea to go ahead and invest in an electric toothbrush.

52. His favorite movie poster

Movie posters are iconic. So if he has a collection of them, then why not go ahead and get him his favorite one?

53. A magnetic calendar

Magnetic calendars are easy to use and attractive. So if he's someone who likes organizing things, then go ahead and get him a magnetic calendar.

54. A coffee machine

Coffee machines are handy and versatile. So if he's often running late for work, then go ahead and treat him to a coffee maker.

55. A pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are fashionable and versatile. So if he's planning to be outside for long hours, then go ahead and pick him a cool pair of shades.

56. A set of headphones

Headphones are great for listening to music while studying or working out. So if he's constantly using his headphones, then go ahead and grab him a new pair.

57. A shaving kit

Shaving kits are practical and convenient. So if you're going to be spending a lot of time outdoors, then go ahead and give him a shaving kit.

58. A travel mug

Travel mugs are ideal for keeping hot beverages warm. So if he travels frequently, then go ahead and make sure that he has a travel mug.

59. An afternoon picnic in the park

Picnics are always fun. And who says you need to eat inside? Go out and enjoy the sunshine. You can do this by going to a park around the neighborhood or even take a hike.

60. A vinyl record player

Vinyl records are classic. So if he's into old-school music, then go ahead and buy him a vinyl record player. It'll look stylish around the house and it'll play all of his favorite songs.

61. A Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cubes are challenging but rewarding. So if he's looking for something to keep him busy during downtime, then go ahead and purchase him a Rubik's Cube.

61. A personalized pet carrier

If he's got a dog or cat at home, then he'll love getting a personalized pet carrier. This is a perfect present for anyone who owns pets.

63. A portable radio

Portable radios are compact and lightweight. So if he's the always-ready type of guy, then go ahead and throw him a portable radio.

64. A musical instrument

Musical instruments are fun and educational. So if he's learning how to play guitar, then go ahead and surprise him with a gift certificate to learn more about it.

65. A personalized guitar pick

Guitar picks are useful and decorative. So if he's playing guitar regularly, then go ahead and add a personal touch to his instrument.

66. A digital camera

Digital cameras are sleek and modern. So if he's always snapping photos, then go ahead and put together a nice package for him.

67. A travel pillow

Travel pillows are comfortable and convenient. So if he's traveling often, then go ahead and find him a travel pillow.

68. A multi tool knife

Most men love tools, and this one in particular will be useful for many different things. It comes with a saw, screwdriver, wrench, pliers, scissors, hammer, nail puller, wire cutters, and more.

69. A barbecue grill

Barbecue grills are easy to use and they cook food quickly. So if he loves cooking on the weekends, then go ahead and get him a barbecue grill.

70. A personalized gym bag

A gym bag is handy and durable. So if he likes staying fit, then go ahead and treat him to a personalized gym bag.

71. An analog camera

Analog cameras are retro and nostalgic. So if he's a fan of vintage photography, then go ahead and snag him an analog camera.

72. A chessboard

Chessboards are great for entertaining guests. So if he enjoys having people over, then go ahead and grab him a chessboard.

73. A personalized journal

Journaling is therapeutic. So if he needs some help writing down his thoughts, then go ahead and gift him a personalized journal.

74. A vintage alarm clock

Alarm clocks are practical and functional. So if he's constantly waking up early, then go ahead and give him a vintage alarm clock as a gift.

75. A skincare set

Skincare sets are relaxing and luxurious. So if he's stressed out from work, then go ahead and spoil him with a skincare set.

76. A customized bottle opener

Bottle openers are useful and cool. So if he's drinking a lot of alcohol, then go ahead and customize a bottle opener for him.

77. Beard oil

Beard oils are soothing and moisturizing. So if he has facial hair, then go ahead and buy him beard oil.

78. A pasta-maker machine

Pasta-makers are versatile and fun. So if he loves making homemade pastas, then go ahead and purchase him a pasta maker.

79. A virtual reality head set

Virtual reality headsets are futuristic and immersive. So if he's into technology or gaming, then go ahead and splurge on him a virtual reality headset.

80. A cheese and charcuterie monthly subscription

Subscriptions are affordable and convenient. So if you're looking for something that he can enjoy every month, then go ahead and sign him up for a monthly cheese and charcuterie subscription.

81. A personalized water bottle

Personalized water bottles are thoughtful and unique. So if he's someone who likes to stay hydrated, then go ahead and pick him up a personalized water bottle.

82. An airline gift card

Gift cards are useful and practical. So if he travels frequently, then go ahead and present him with an airline gift card.

83. A personalized celebrity message

Celebrity messages are memorable and sentimental. So if he's obsessed with a celebrity in particular, then go ahead and make him a personalised celebrity message.

84. A crypto hardware wallet

If your man is into crypto, then he'll love this one! Crypto wallets are secure and private. So if he wants to store his coins safely, then go ahead and invest in him a crypto hardware wallet.

85. His favorite record on vinyl

Vinyls are classic and collectible. So if he's always listening to music on vinyl, then go ahead and get him a copy of his favorite album on vinyl.

86. A personalized laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeves are practical and stylish. So if he uses his laptop often, then go ahead and treat him to a personalized laptop sleeve.

87. A personalized box of chocolates

Chocolate is yummy and chocolate boxes are adorable. Go ahead and order him a personalized box of chocolaty goodness that he will never forget! You can add his name, initials or any other message you want.

88. A one-of-a-kind art print

Art prints are artistic and inspiring. So if he's passionate about art, then go ahead and show him how much you appreciate his passion by buying him a one-of-a kind art print.

89. A bicycle helmet

Bicycle helmets are essential safety gear. So if he's ever been injured before, then go ahead and gift him a bike helmet.

90. An NFT

Non fungible tokens (NFT) are digital collectibles. So if he's a collector and into digital art, then go ahead and give him an NFT as a token of appreciation.

91. A yearly gym membership

Whether if he is a fitness fan or even if he's not very active, he'll love it if you go ahead and enroll him in a gym so he can start working out regularly!

92. A custom made suit

Custom suits are timeless and classy. So if he has a special event coming up soon, then go ahead and buy him a custom made suit.

93. A customized watch

Watches are fashionable and functional. So if he's the type of guy who wears watches all day long, then go ahead and customize a watch for him.

94. A mini scooter

Scooters are fun and easy to ride. So if he loves riding them around town, then go ahead and purchase him a mini scooter.

95. A personalized puzzle

Puzzles are challenging and fun. So if he enjoys puzzles, then go ahead and grab him a personalized puzzle.

96. A new laptop

This is a great gift for anyone who owns a laptop, it's a good idea to replace his old computer every once in awhile. It's a practical gift and also a nice way to say "I care".

97. Tickets to a helicopter ride

Helicopters are cool and they're awesome. So if he loves flying, then go ahead and book tickets for him to fly with a helicopter.

98. A personalized board game

Board games are entertaining and relaxing. So if he's looking for something to do during downtime, then go ahead and choose a personalized board game.

99. A personalized collage canvas

Collages are creative and unique. So if he's got a creative side, then go ahead and get him a personalized collage canvas.

100. Dinner together at a fancy restaurant

Dinner dates are always a good idea as they are romantic and memorable. So why not plan a dinner date at a five-star restaurant?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get about how to surprise a boyfriend.

What do I want to achieve with my surprise?

What you want to achieve with your surprise depends on what type of relationship you have with your boyfriend.

For example, if you are dating someone who is more independent than you, you might want to surprise him by taking him somewhere new. On the other hand, if you are dating a guy who needs constant attention from you, you might want something different.

Either way, the best thing you can do is to think about what makes him happy.

Is it going to be more romantic or funny?

If you want to give your boyfriend a nice surprise, it doesn't matter wether it's romantic or funny but what matters is that you find something that will make him smile.

Think of all the things you enjoy doing together and try to come up with a plan that includes them all. Either you take him to a fancy restaurant, have a wild sexual experience or just surprise him with a love note in a piece of paper or a video card, if it is a thoughtful gift then it will definitely make him smile.

How much effort should I put into it?

The amount of effort you put into your surprise depends on how important it is to you.

If this is an occasion where you want to show your boyfriend how much you care about him, then you need to put effort into it. Effort doesn't necessarily mean spending money in your surprise gift, although that would certainly be appreciated. It means being creative, thinking outside the box and making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Will it be a good idea to tell him beforehand?

If you want to give him a romantic surprise, then you shouldn't tell him beforehand. Remember: surprises are supposed to be unexpected! If you tell him beforehand, then he won't be surprised anymore.

On the other hand, if it's a funny surprise, then telling him beforehand will only ruin the fun. So, if you want to surprise him, then keep it secret until the last minute.

What if he doesn’t like it?

If your boyfriend doesn't like your surprise, don't worry. What matters most when planning thoughtful gestures is not the gift itself, but the meaning behind it.

So, even if he hates your surprise, you still did something nice for him. And that's what counts.


We hope that our article has helped you figure out how to surprise a boyfriend.

We know that there are many ways to surprise a boyfriend, so feel free to experiment with them. Just remember that the key to a successful surprise is creativity, thoughtfulness and spontaneity.

We wish you lots of luck and happiness in your relationships!

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