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16 Unmistakable Signs He Wants You Back and What to Do

If you're wondering if there are any unmistakable signs he wants you back, the answer is yes. When a relationship ends, it can be difficult to tell if your ex still has feelings for you.

Knowing the signs that your ex still has feelings for you can help you decide whether or not to take a chance at getting back together.

In this article, we'll discuss 16 unmistakable signs he wants you back and what to do when you know he wants you back.

We'll also answer some frequently asked questions about how to tell if someone wants you back and provide a conclusion.


Signs to Know if a Man Wants You Back

It's never easy to deal with the end of a relationship. For some people, their feelings for the other person can resurface at any time.

We’ve all experienced heartbreak and regret after a bad breakup. At the same time, there may still be some lingering hope that your ex could see their mistakes and come to realize they want you back into their life.

If you are wondering if your ex can come back from the dead and become interested in reigniting a romantic flame, this section will help you out!

If you’re trying to decide whether or not your ex-boyfriend still has feelings for you, here are a few signs that will help you out.

1. He reaches out to you out of the blue

One of the most surefire signs that a man still has feelings for you is if he reaches out to you out of the blue.

If a guy suddenly gets in touch with you after months or even years, it could be a sign that he couldn’t forget about you and still wants to know what’s going on in your life.

He might contact you through social media, email, text message, or letter. Pay attention to his messages too. If his conversations are light-hearted, romantic, and flirty, it might mean he wants to reconnect with you on a deeper level.

2. He makes an effort to spend time with you

When a man wants you back, he will make an effort to spend time with you. You'll feel desired and appreciated when he goes out of his way to be around you.

Whether it's the occasional text message asking to meet up or talk, or a surprise invitation for dinner, a man who truly wants you back will find ways to show that he cares about your relationship.

For instance, if he drops by your place unexpectedly or if he shows up at social events that he knows you'll be attending, then this is a clear indication that he is interested in reviving your relationship.

He may also express genuine interest in your life by asking questions or offering supportive advice whenever possible. These are all common signs to watch out for because they convey that he is willing to make the effort necessary to rebuild trust and affection between the two of you.

3. He opens up to you about his feelings and shares his thoughts and emotions

If your ex-boyfriend in starts talking to you about personal feelings and thoughts, that's a clear sign he wants you back. According to relationship experts, when someone opens up like this, they usually want further engagement with that person.

He may start sharing his innermost thoughts and feelings; it could be how he feels about you or how he feels about life in general.

Pay attention to his body language as well; if he looks relaxed and attentive while listening to you, making eye contact continuously, then there is a good chance he means something more than just friendship.

If the conversations between the two of you become intense and meaningful, he is likely looking for more than just a friendly catch-up session. If he asks hard questions such as what your plans are – that's also another clue for you!


4. He tries to remind you of shared experiences or inside jokes

One of the biggest tell-tale signs that your ex wants you back is if he starts trying to remind you of shared experiences or inside jokes.

This shows that he still thinks fondly of you and has an emotional connection with you. It also suggests that he's feeling nostalgic for the good times you two had together.

For example, if your ex brings up a funny story shared between the two of you, like a time when both of you got lost while camping together, it could be his way of showing that he still cares about those memories and would like to repeat them in the future.

If a person keeps bringing up things that happened in the past like, “Remember when I said…" or "Don't forget what I said before", then it's likely an attempt to let you know they are still thinking about the relationship.

It could also be subtle signs like making slight innuendos in a conversation that only you two will understand or sending an emoji with a special meaning—you know, just another way to remind each other of how much fun it was being together.

These are all classic signs that he may have strong romantic feelings for you - and just wants another chance.

5. He avoids talking about moving on

If your ex is not talking about dating anyone new, it may be a sign he wants you back. He might even be avoiding the topic among his close friends and family members.

This is a sure-fire sign that he's not quite ready to move on and the feelings he had for you are still present. Instead of truly being interested in an alternative romantic partner, he may instead start speaking positively about how great things were between the two of you as a means to drop a hint as to what he truly desires.

It's also possible that while your ex may be trying to give off signals that suggest they don't want you back, his actions speak louder than words.

If he never brings up another woman or discusses them with any of his friends, this is likely a subconscious maneuver meant to convey that his heart has yet to move on from you entirely.

6. Acts almost cold yet jealous at the same time

One of the surefire signs that your ex wants you back is if they act cold towards you one moment, and then jealous the next. It's like they can't make up their mind!

They may want to keep their distance but cannot help feeling envy when they see you talking or hanging out with someone else.

This behavior often masks a complex mix of emotions including confusion and a deep longing for things to be different. Your ex still has feelings for you and is struggling to move forward in life by letting go of the past.

If your ex seems jealous but also acts cold toward you, it's probably because they feel emotionally invested in still being in a relationship but are afraid to take the plunge because of their fear that it won't turn out well.


7. He becomes more attentive to you

One of the telltale signs that your ex boyfriend wants you back is that he suddenly becomes more attentive toward you. This could mean calling or texting you more often, sending you thoughtful gifts, or even complimenting your appearance.

He might even start trying to impress you with grand gestures such as taking you out on dates to special places; planning holidays and weekends away; or arranging romantic dinners.

Paying attention to what matters to you and making sure that it happens can be a sign that your ex still has feelings for you.

It's important to remember not to mistake this kind of attentiveness for friendly behavior though - it may be genuine, but it's also possible that he is using it as a way to draw himself closer in an attempt to get back together with you.

8. He talks about the future and plans

One of the clearest signs that your ex wants you back is if he talks about the future and plans.

If your ex starts talking about how much fun it would be to go on a vacation together or mentions how easy it will be for them to pick up where you left off, these are good signs. He wants you back and doesn’t want you to think there’s no hope for the two of you in the future.

Another way he might talk about the future is if he brings up marriage, kids, or your dreams from when you used to date.

For example, if you used to talk about owning a pet together or taking some dream trip one day and he references those conversations then it's a definite sign he still loves you and misses what once was.

So keep an eye out for any mention of plans regarding the future together because this indicates he's not completely closing the door on getting back together with you.

9. He makes an effort to resolve conflicts or issues that led to the breakup

If your ex is taking the initiative to make amends or to try and put an end to any prior issues that caused trouble in your broken relationship, then that means he's already trying to bridge gaps to have you back in his life.

If your ex is willing to take the time to hash out old arguments and issues from when you were together, then there is still some connection there and repair attempts may be successful.

This shows that not only does he care about addressing what happened, but is also willing to take ownership of his behavior and make amends. If you can tell that he's truly sorry, it might indicate that he's ready to move forward with your relationship and make things right again.

He may go even further by taking the initiative to do nice things for you to show how much you mean to him.

Such acts could include buying you flowers, sending love messages, or simply just taking time out of his day to reach out and check up on you - all of which demonstrate how much he cares.

So keep an eye out - these signs could mean that your ex wants nothing more than a chance at reconciling with you!

10. He tries to look his best when he sees you

One of the most obvious signs your ex still has feelings is when he tries to dress his best whenever you meet. He wants to look good and show you he’s still interested in looks as well as personality.

If he usually wears jeans, he may start dressing up for no particular reason. And if he’s already quite fashion-savvy, then look out for even nicer outfits!

He may also suddenly pay more attention to his appearance in other ways, like going to the gym or changing his hairstyle. If you used to share the same hairdresser, take note if it seems your ex is visiting them without telling you.

For a man to invest in looking good shows effort and thought—hopefully, both indicators that his feelings haven’t changed since your breakup experience!

11. He offers help whenever possible

One major sign that your ex still has feelings for you is if they consistently offer to help whenever possible.

It shows that they care enough to want to see you successful and happy, even when it's not convenient for them. They might offer assistance with business opportunities or might be willing to lend an ear even if you don't need advice.

This sign can sometimes be hard to recognize because it could stem from a genuine desire for friendship, but over time other unconscious signs will confirm his true intentions. If it seems like he's bending over backward to do all he can for you then there is likely more than friendship involved.

This means he probably still has strong feelings for you and wants the chance to get back together again.

12. He compliments you frequently

If your ex suddenly starts complimenting you regularly, it could be a sign he wants you back.

He may start talking about how beautiful you are, complimenting your new outfit or hair, or sending random compliments out of the blue. Compliments are an indication that he still cares about what you think - and perhaps is hoping you'll notice his feelings.

He may also become more attentive to your conversations. Instead of just half-listening like before, he'll now show genuine interest in what you have to say and take time to hear your words.

He may even check in with you throughout the week via text or phone calls just to keep in touch and continue showing interest in your life. These behaviors can all indicate that your ex still has strong feelings for you.

13. He starts to initiate romantic gestures

When your ex starts to reach out romantically, he's signaling his interest in you again. This can manifest as buying you small gifts or compliments, sending flowers, trying to recreate important moments from your past relationship, or simply taking you on intimate dates and having meaningful conversations.

It goes beyond just saying the right words—he'll be putting the effort into proving his sincerity by providing concrete evidence of his feelings.

So if he starts to make time for you and devote energy toward making sure both of you feel special when you're together, it means that he cares about rekindling the romance between the two of you.

This is a sure sign that your ex wants another chance and that he is willing to show it through romantic gestures. So take notice if these basic signs start to appear more frequently—your ex may be ready for another shot at love!

14. He starts to show interest in things that are important to you

Sign #14 that your ex might want you back is when he starts to show interest in things that are important to you.

Even if you had broken up months or even years ago, if your ex suddenly starts asking questions about your life and what makes you happy, then this could be a sign that he is interested in getting back together.

Whatever your interests are - from books to travel - be alert for clues that your ex is starting to show interest. This is a positive sign he might want you back for real.

If your ex notices any changes in your life or anything new that has been happening – good or bad – then he may be trying to keep track of you and show his interest in what's going on in your world.

15. He becomes more communicative and willing to have conversations with you

If your ex suddenly starts to become much more communicative with you, and even reaches out to initiate conversations, then this could be a sign that he wants you back.

After all, if your ex starts being willing to engage in comfortable and open dialogue with you, there's a good chance that he is beginning to feel some positive emotions towards you once again.

Maybe he will begin asking about how you're doing or making subtle comments that show his interest in reconnecting.

No matter what it is, if your ex does seem willing to have meaningful conversations and engaging interactions with you, pay close attention - because it could indicate that he is starting to think about the possibility of getting back together!

16. Inquires about you from your mutual friends

One of the biggest signs your ex wants you back is when he's doing his due diligence and checking in with your mutual acquaintances to find out what's going on in your life.

You could tell from his questions that he was interested in where you are and what you're doing. This shows that he doesn't yet feel comfortable calling or messaging you directly but still wants to know about you nonetheless.

If he asks one of your common friends a lot of questions about you, then it’s clear he’s trying to stay up-to-date on your life and get friendly advice from that person.

It means he hasn’t given up hope that there may be a chance for him to reconcile with you someday soon. It also means if push comes to shove, he'll try anything within his power to reconnect with you!

It's important to note that these signs are not always definitive and a man can exhibit some of these behaviors without wanting to get back together. However, if you see your ex exhibiting these signs, there are some steps you must take. In the next section, we go over each of those steps in detail.


What to Do When You Know He Wants You Back

So you had a great or not-so-great relationship with someone, but things fizzled out and ended. But now, you can tell that he wants you back. What should you do?

It's important to remember that getting back together after a painful breakup is a big decision and it's important to approach it with care and consideration.

Well, here are our top tips on what to do when you know he wants you back.

1. Take some time to think about your feelings and whether getting back together is the right decision for you

When you know he wants you back, it can be tempting to simply jump right back in.

But before you do that, take some time to think about your true feelings and whether getting back together is truly the right decision for you.

It's important to remember that a loving relationship is a partnership — both of you need to be on board if it's going to work out. So really take an honest look at how your feelings have evolved since the breakup, and ask yourself if you're truly ready to give him another chance.

If getting back together seems like the right move for both of you, be sure not to rush in with too much enthusiasm. Take things slow and proceed with caution — start as friends before moving on to something more serious and make sure the relationship isn't just built on nostalgia or past feelings alone.

If the two of you have worked through any issues and committed to giving things another go then there's no reason why things couldn't work out this time around!

2. Communicate openly and honestly with your ex-partner about your thoughts and feelings

Once you know he wants you back, it's important to communicate openly and honestly with your ex-partner about your thoughts and feelings.

Be honest and open about why the relationship ended in the first place. Talk about what happened, what caused the breakup, and how both of you contributed to ending the relationship.

Spend some time reflecting on what went wrong in the past and address these issues now that you’re considering getting back together. This will help ensure that any potential issues aren’t pushed down or ignored later on when things look bright again.

Communicating openly with your ex-partner shows that you're able to discuss hard topics without becoming overwhelmed by emotions. It implies maturity and respect for both yourself and your partner – qualities essential for successful relationships.

Remember communication isn't just a means to an end but a way to get closer to one another as well!

3. Reflect on the issues that led to the breakup and consider whether they can be addressed and resolved

Before getting back together with someone you know wants you back, it is important to take a step back and reflect on why the breakup occurred in the first place.

What were the issues that drove a wedge between the two of you? Are they deep-seated issues that you think can be addressed and resolved, or are they signs of a deeper problem that needs professional help?

It is important to understand what went wrong during your time apart. You should not jump into a relationship until both parties have identified, discussed, and resolved any underlying issues. Make sure to carefully weigh what went wrong before deciding whether this relationship is worth pursuing or not.

If both parties are willing to work on the issues and come up with viable solutions, then there may be hope for this relationship yet!

4. Consider seeking the advice of friends, family, or a therapist to help you make the best decision

One of the hardest decisions you'll ever have to make is deciding whether or not to take him back.

To help you make the best decision possible, consider seeking the advice of friends, family members, or a professional therapist.

Your friends and family members may have insight that you don't, so they can provide valuable information and support as you navigate this difficult situation.

They can listen while you process your thoughts and raw feelings and offer objective advice on whether or not taking him back will be good for your emotional well-being in the long run.

A qualified therapist or relationship coach can also be a great resource during this time. They are trained professionals who are experienced in helping people sort out their relationship issues, so they can provide compassionate yet objective guidance as you make your decision.

5. Determine whether you are willing and able to forgive your partner for any hurt or pain they caused

If your partner did something hurtful to you, it can be difficult to imagine wanting to forgive them. But without forgiveness and trust, a relationship is doomed to fail.

That's why it's so important that before pursuing anything further with your partner, you determine whether you are able and willing to forgive them.

Forgiveness means two things: letting go of any resentment you may have toward the person, and trusting that they won't hurt you again. It doesn't mean letting them off the hook or excusing their behavior. Even if you decide to forgive someone for what happened in the past, it should still be made clear that there are consequences for such behavior in the future.

Ultimately, this decision is entirely up to you and nobody else. You have to be comfortable in your skin before trying to move forward with someone else. Think about how being with this person will make YOU feel and whether it is worth taking another shot at it.

6. Talk about your expectations and boundaries for the relationship moving forward

When you know he wants you back, it is essential to have a conversation about expectations and boundaries for the relationship moving forward. It's important to make sure that both parties are on the same page and understand what each expects from the other.

Start by communicating openly and honestly about your truest feelings and reasons for why you felt it necessary to break up in the first place. Take time to listen to his perspective as well so that both of you can be aware of each other's true feelings.

Once this has been established, set clear expectations for how you want things to operate going forward. Discuss new boundaries such as communication methods, behavior towards one another, ways of resolving conflicts, frequency of seeing each other, etc.

Being intentional about setting these parameters ensures that expectations are known at the outset before either partner’s actions become unreasonable or hurtful.

7. Consider whether you are both willing to put in the work to rebuild the relationship and make it stronger

A healthy relationship is only as strong as the effort both of you are willing to put in to make it work.

If you are prepared to take the risk and give it a go after all that has happened, then both of you need to be ready and committed to rebuilding trust and intimacy.

This could mean working with a therapist or couples counselor together, as they can give strategies and advice on how all issues can be addressed.

Ultimately, if he wants you back but neither of you is willing to invest valuable time into rebuilding the foundation of your love, then reconsider giving it another shot.

8. Set goals for the relationship and make a plan for how to achieve them

When you know that he wants you back, it is important to set both short-term and long-term goals for the romantic relationship. This will give both parties a sense of direction in how to move forward and can help avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

Before doing anything else, take some time to think about what you hope to achieve if you decide to reunite with him.

Is it a physical relationship or an emotionally committed one? Do you want it to lead to a healthier marriage? Think carefully before making any decisions, as the relationship can go in many different directions once rekindled.

Once you have established your goals, make a plan for how each goal will be achieved. Start by discussing the details openly with your partner—what do they need from you, and vice versa? Are there ways that the relationship could be improved?

Once both of you feel comfortable with the plan, create milestones and action points that each person must follow through on to successfully navigate the future of the relationship together.

9. Take the time to get to know each other again and build a strong foundation for the future

Don't rush into things—slow and steady wins the race, especially in a sensitive situation like someone wanting you back after it didn't work out.

Before you recommit to each other and jump back into a relationship, take time to get to know each other again. Seeing if he still has the same values, interests, beliefs, and personality traits as before can help determine whether you are compatible for the long term.

In summary, don’t make any hasty decisions when someone wants you back—take it slow and carefully build up a strong foundation of friendship and trust first before deciding whether reconciliation is healthy for both involved parties!

Now that you have a better understanding of what to do when you know he wants you back, let's move on to addressing some frequently asked questions that may come up as you navigate this situation.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your ex has been showing signs he wants you back, you're probably asking yourself a lot of questions about signs that indicate he stills cares or wants to get back together.

This section answers some frequently asked questions about signs that might show he's interested in rekindling the relationship.

What makes a guy want to get back with his ex?

When a guy wants to get back with his ex, it's usually because he still loves her and there are unresolved feelings in the relationship. He might be missing the intimacy, the connection, or the reassurance of knowing she's there for him when he needs her.

Another reason a guy might want to get back together is because of insecurity and low self-esteem. He might be constantly worrying about being replaced by someone else if he doesn't take action soon.

He may also feel like he can't move on until his past is resolved so he wants to give it another chance to show her how much she means to him.

Finally, some guys just want what they can't have. If his ex has moved on and is seemingly better off without him, then that may just be enough motivation to make him come back around again!

How can I tell if a man is serious about wanting to get back together, or if he's just feeling lonely or nostalgic?

The best way to find out if a man is serious about wanting to get back together is to have an honest conversation with him. Ask him directly why he's interested in getting back together and what his intentions are.

If he expresses genuine remorse for what happened between the two of you and expresses that he hopes to repair your relationship, then it could be a sign that he is serious about getting back together.

However, if there's any ambiguity in his response, pay attention to his behavior as it will give you a better idea of his intentions. If he talks about repairing things but then doesn't put any effort into making changes or spending more time with you, then it could just be a sign that he's feeling lonely and nostalgic.

On the other hand, if he makes an effort to attend counseling sessions or spends more time talking and understanding your feelings, then it may be a sign that his feelings toward you are real

Is it possible for a man to hide his true intentions and feelings when trying to get back together with me?

Yes, a man can hide his true intentions and feelings when trying to get back together with someone.

But if he truly wants to reconnect, you should be able to tell from the way he treats you and interacts with you. For example, even though a guy might initially act uninterested or neutral in conversation with you, he might start expressing more interest over time.

Pay attention to subtle clues like how often he talks about your shared past together, how often he follows up after conversations, and how much care he displays in ensuring that you are comfortable.

If these signs point towards him wanting something more than just "friends," then it's probably safe to assume that his true intentions involve getting back together.

How can I effectively communicate my feelings and needs to a man who is trying to get back together with me?

Communicating your feelings and needs to a man who is trying to get back together with you can be difficult, but he must understand what you are feeling and why.

First, explain exactly how you feel by using “I” statements. Avoid blaming or accusing him directly as this will only create more tension and damage your chances of getting back together.

Next, make sure to clearly state what it is that you need from him for the relationship to work again. This could involve things like being honest about his feelings towards you, honoring commitments that were made before the breakup, or spending quality time together.

Finally, try to create a healthy environment in which both parties can openly express their thoughts and feelings for there to be mutual trust between the two of you.


In conclusion, if you have been grappling with the signs he wants you back, then it boils down to personal reflection, self-confidence, and consultation with painful memories.

However, it's important to remember that even if your ex still has feelings for you, this doesn't mean an automatic reconciliation. You will need to move forward and make tough decisions depending on how ready you are to welcome him into your life again.

No matter which path ends up winning out in the end, it is crucial to focus on yourself and what's best for your would-be happy romantic future!

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